A to Z 2012 Oregon Chardonnay

There’s no doubt that Oregon is Pinot Noir and Pinot Gris country, but many winemakers in the region have been expanding to add Chardonnay to their lineup over the last five to ten years. The cooler climate is right for growing and it’s a natural partner for Pinot Noir. Be sure to watch for Oregon Chardonnay over the next few years; I have a feeling they’re going to really take off and continue to improve.


If you’re ready to be a trendsetter and start drinking Oregon Chardonnay now, check out the A to Z 2012 Oregon Chardonnay out of Newberg, OR. This wine is bright, crisp and food-friendly at 13.0% alcohol earning 4 stars out of 5 from me. The nose offers a mix of kiwi, tangerine, green apple, and a touch of honey that are equally prominent in the mouth. There’s no classic French Oak used like many of the Chardonnays out of Napa Valley so it has a nice acidity and minerality to it. If you’re typically not a fan of Chardonnay because you find them to be too full on the mouth, or buttery as some would describe it, I encourage you to give this one a try. I was able to find this at a local New Seasons on sale for just $13.99! 

For more on A to Z Wineworks visit http://www.atozwineworks.com/index.html. The distribution tab can show you where to find this wine in your area. Side note for my advertising friends, they have a really cool website! 


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