Gift Ideas for the Wine Lover

I’ve searched far and wide (okay, I did some Google searches) for the best wine-related gifts to give this holiday season. I’ll leave it up to you whether you really just end up buying these for yourself or for others. No judgement. Unlike all of those annoying magazines who claim to have “budget” gift ideas that are almost all over $100, there is NOTHING here over $100 and plenty of stocking stuffers. Photos for each item shown at the end in order listed.

Kikkerland Dapper ‘Staches Silicone Drink Markers
$5.47 on

Men are pretty much impossible to shop for. but I think most men would agree that a mustache is just what their wine glass needs. They work not only for wine glasses, but would also look great on a beer mug or whiskey tumbler. Set of 6.

Wine Enthusiast 3-Pack Wine Glass Writer Metallic Pen
$19.50 on
Instead of wine charms, have your guests write their name on their glass instead. If they’re anything like my friends, someone is sure to draw or write something inappropriate that’ll be good for a laugh.

Wine Tasting Chocolates
$29.95 on
A set of six European chocolates created with the intention of pairing with wine. If you’d rather buy from a local chocolate shop, ask them for recommendations based on what bottle you plan to gift with the chocolates. I personally like Cabernet Franc with dark chocolate.

GoVino Wine Glass Flexible Shatterproof Recyclable
$12.96 on
We bought these this summer for a camping trip, and I have to say it really was so much better than the usual red Solo cup. They’re unbreakable making them perfect for any type of outdoor drinking. Set of 4.

Monogrammed Wine Glasses
Around $59.95 for a set of 2 depending on glass style
For the classy people in your life or the newlyweds. Monogramming is about $7 additional depending on what you want done.

Williams-Sonoma Wine Chilling Wands, Set of 2
$39.95 on
Had a rough day and need to get your drink on right away? Keep these handy chilling wands in the freezer, and they’ll bring your glass of wine to the perfect temperature in no time.

“Wine Bites” Cookbook
$24.95 on
Plenty of simple appetizers with a wine pairing suggestion for each recipe. This cookbook is ideal if you like entertaining. It’s also great for a date night at home because you have small children and you’re too cheap to hire a babysitter (or too exhausted) and actually go out. That can’t be just me.

Circles Wall-Mount Wine Rack
On sale for $63.99 on
Holds up to 20 bottles of wine and would look perfect on the wall in a kitchen or elsewhere depending on your home decor. I keep looking around our house trying to figure out where I can put this.

Oak Leaf Bottle Stopper
$7.95 on
An elegant way to keep open wine fresh.

The Essential Scratch and Sniff Guide to Becoming a Wine Expert by Richard Betts
$12.92 on
This sounds like a joke, but the book is written by Richard Betts who happens to be a master sommelier. If you hate wine snob speak, you’ll love this book and probably learn a good bit about wine too. I’ve also seen this at Target.

Wine Tasting Notebook, Hardcover
$10.77 on 

After seeing this wine tasting notebook, I’m ditching my current one and getting this. This makes taking tasting notes so easy and quick and gives nice prompts for those new to wine too.

If you’ve seen any great wine gifts, I’d love to hear about them!


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